Benefits of a Financial Plan

"Most people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan."

John L. Beckley


The most important investment you can make is investing time in planning your financial future.  Taking the time to create a financial plan is well worth the effort.  The process of creating the plan helps you to determine financial priorities, envision your financial future and build a plan of action to make it happen.

Many steps are taken to build the plan: Establish & Define the Client/Planner Relationship, Gather Necessary Information, Analyze & Evaluate the Client's Current Financial Status, Develop Recommendations, Communicate Recommendations, Implement Recommendations, and finally Monitor the Recommendations on an ongoing basis.

Once you have a financial plan it simplifies making financial decisions, which allows you to "stay the course" to meeting your personal financial goals.  Topics that are an integral part of creating an effective plan include: Tax planning, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Investment Planning, Succession Planning and Insurance Planning.

An integrated financial plan may include items such as: Long-Term Care Insurance for Estate Preservation, Gifting to Charity, Safeguarding Capital and Privacy (by utilizing segregated fund investments that offer protection of capital along with private distribution of funds to beneficiaries/heirs outside of the will), and Guaranteeing Income for Life and a Legacy for Heirs.

By determining a strategy to help you to achieve your personal retirement and succession planning goals, we can help you to establish an integrated plan that will give you and your loved one’s peace of mind.