"The only certainties in life are death and taxes."

Mark Twain


Tax Rate Card for 2017 by Manulife Tax, Retirement & Estate Planning Services

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A summary of the 2017 federal budget

Here's a breakdown of the federal government's 2017 budget, how it will affect Canadians, and what it may signal in future years. Click here to read the summary.


Corporate In-Kind Donating

As more and more corporations invest their retained earnings directly in various vehicles like mutual funds or publicly traded securities, the value of their portfolio continues to grow. And as business owners build their corporation's portfolio, they may also want to 'give back' while taking advantage of the tax benefits of donating investment funds to charity. However, what many business owners may not know is that where corporate investments have increased in value, a corporate donation in-kind results in a more favourable tax consequence than selling the investment and donating the cash. To see why this is, please click here or contact us.


Is your private corporation taking advantage of the Capital Dividend Account?

Much like individual investors, shareholders of Canadian Controlled Private Corporations ("CCPC") need to be concerned with minimizing taxes and maximizing the capital that eventually will be distributed to them. To learn more, please contact us or click here.


Taxation of investment income within a corporation

For individuals with cash or investments within their corporation, the tax cost of withdrawing these funds or winding up the corporation can be quite high. However, having the corporation invest in a tax-efficient manner can make a big difference to its net after-tax return; unfortunately the taxation of investment income within a corporation is not well understood. To learn more, please click here or contact us.



Are your investments protected from creditors?

Legislation exists at both the federal and provincial level to protect your investments from creditors. Some offer strong protection, while others provide protection with conditions or limitations. Click here to learn more.


Alter Ego Trusts - the answer to probate fees?

Alter ego and joint partner trusts have been gaining in popularity as a way to avoid probate. But are there alternatives? To learn more, click here or contact us.



Ontario Estate Information Return

Ontario's probate process is governed by the Estate Administration Tax Act, 1998 ("EATA"). In 2011 Ontario enacted significant changes to the legislation. With these regulations in place, Ontario released its Estate Information Return, which executors will be required to file for estates for which an application of probate had not been submitted prior to January 1, 2015. To learn more about how these regulations may affect you, please contact us or click here.


Your Will Planning Workbook

A great deal of thought and planning needs to go into preparing your Will. Not only should you consider what your estate is currently worth, you should also consider your future sources of wealth. Click here to download a helpful will planning guide.


Estate Planning

If you have accumulated assets during your lifetime, you likely will want to ensure that wealth transitions cost effectively. Read more.


Executor’s Handbook

When you become an Executor you are really becoming a legal Trustee with all the rights and responsibilities that come with that position. This handbook provides you with a solid overview of estate settlement and will hopefully provide you with some useful information and tools to expedite your responsibilities in a timely and competent fashion. Read more.