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We always act in the best interest of our clients.

"It is the mandate of our business to ensure our client's best interest is always placed first and foremost. We truly value our clients, as well as the trust each person places in our ability to help them achieve their personal financial goals. We strive to not only meet their expectations, but rather to exceed them."
~Nadine Koppeser

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Here's what our client's have to say...

"I have had the benefit of Nadine’s wise financial counsel for approximately ten years now. I can honestly say that transferring my investments to her management was a great move. She clearly cares about her clients and does a great job of making the complexities of investment and retirement planning understandable. Most importantly, I feel she treats my money like it was her money. Her advice is always thorough, researched, balanced, personalized and provides options for my consideration. It’s also impressive that she has spent a lot of time in the past few years on further education, certification and pursuing career advancement opportunities. The bottom line is that I trust Nadine Koppeser. And for me, when it comes to the consideration of who will manage my money, trust and confidence are certainly the most important attributes."

Jan, Ottawa

"We have worked with Nadine Koppeser for over fifteen years and know Nadine to be a professional and knowledgeable financial advisor. Nadine is proactive rather than reactive; she is an excellent communicator and advocates for us by reviewing and explaining not only our investment options, but also our life plans and goals. Nadine encourages us to plan for the future by offering us thoroughly researched information and she utilizes all resources available to her to offer good options for us to review. We are confident in our portfolio management by Nadine and look forward to many more years of her financial guidance."

JC & AC, Waterloo ON

"We have had the pleasure of working with Nadine for several years as we prepare for our retirement. She has surpassed all of our expectations and has eased our minds as we enter into the next chapter of our life. Nadine has also assisted our adult children with guiding them on the right path for financial happiness. She understands the many different stages of life's journey and takes the time to really listen to your concerns."

Dom & Gail

"For the past thirteen years, Nadine Koppeser has been our financial advisor. During this time, Nadine has proactively tailored our financial portfolio to reinforce steady growth even through the 2008 market downturn. We are extremely pleased and equally confident that Nadine's investment choices and product picks target our individual needs. We highly recommend Nadine Koppeser not only for her expertise and professionalism but also for her genuine interest and steadfast work ethic."

Barbara & Gerd Harm

"Nadine Koppeser has been my financial planner for the last 13 years. I have found her to be incredibly knowledgeable and the growth in my holdings has far exceeded my expectations. Nadine has also worked as the adviser for my parents in their senior years. She has proven that she is well versed in planning for the various phases of our lives. I trust Nadine completely."

Karen Kennedy

"Nadine has consistently offered sound financial advice based on our needs and investment objectives. She regularly provides updates and has always been readily available to answer any questions, explaining where finances are headed and options for consideration." "We are more than pleased with Nadine's efficient services and feel that she truly cares about our future and financial investments."

OS & CS Mannheim, ON

"My family and I have been extremely satisfied clients and friends of Nadine for 10 years. She is always readily available to meet with us to review our portfolios, risk tolerances and keep us informed regarding relative matters. We appreciate that she also avails herself to come to the house if necessary. We have found Nadine to be most professional and feel both comfortable and confident with her investment knowledge."

The "B's", Kitchener

"We have known Nadine as a financial advisor for over 11 years. Both of us were recently separated and had minimal financial planning knowledge. Right from the start, Nadine took us under her wing and helped us with investments, mortgage shopping and day-to-day budgeting. She communicates with us regularly by phone and email and is very patient with us, taking time to explain and answer questions. We trust her fully and highly recommend using her services not matter what your level of financial expertise is."

Colleen and Lynda

"I’ve been working with Nadine for 7 years. Nadine has always understood and accepted my cautious nature when it comes to investing my money and she has never pressured me to go outside of my comfort zone. With Nadine’s expertise, guidance and careful explanation, I now have a well-balanced portfolio which continues to out-perform my expectations while staying within my risk tolerance."

Cheryl M.

"Nadine is not a financial planner: She’s a godsend. A guardian angel. A friend. I’ve never met anyone who cares so deeply about helping her clients to live their best life, free from financial worry. Knowledgeable, professional, yet down-to-earth, this hard-working advisor has been my champion through thick or thin."

A.T., Cambridge, ON

"We have had Nadine as our financial advisor for several years. Her willingness to help set out short and long term goals, and then transition plans to meet these goals as retirement approached is a refreshing change. We have a variety of accounts that all mesh together to give a comfort level as retirement started and Nadine reviews them with us regularly to see if they require any realignment. The statements that are sent out from Manulife are clear and come often enough to let us know the status of things. Nadine is very approachable by phone or online and answers questions in a timely fashion. The long term impact from a taxation and estate planning standpoint is also taken into account. This was a plus when settling the estate of a family member and not having to deal with multiple institutions. We had grown tired of the high pressure, low yield plan that our previous advisor advocated and the constant nickel and dime approach. All in all, we are both very pleased with the performance of our portfolios and the continuing level of commitment from Nadine."

Paul and Colleen